Blast a Palooza Vol. 3 – Decade of Human Suffering – Oberhausen

Blast a Palooza Vol. 3 – Decade of Human Suffering – Oberhausen

  • Length:07:00 pm

Uh yeah, something heavy if coming to the Blast-A-Palooza Vol. 3

4 Bands – massive Slams

Listen: https://youtu.be/DYyt80ku-3o
UK’s finest slamming Brutal Death Metal is coming to europe mainland again. But this time with a new CD in their backpacks. Stay prepared for the new songs and the new slams!

2. Signs of the Swarm (USA)
Listen: https://youtu.be/xFRmvS3EaVc
First time in Oberhausen and we are looking highly forward to the performence of this banger Deathcore Truck. Nasty breakdowns and heavy slams are waiting for you.

3. Within Destruction (Slovenia)
Listen: https://youtu.be/CrmuR7JGkos
You know em, you know that a brutal Deathcore bulldozer will be driving through the pit! Heavy fake slams combined with ultimate brutality

4. DISTANT (The Netherlands)
Listen: https://youtu.be/GaitGDY9LUU
Dutch slamming Deathcore will hit the Helvete hard. They will deliver you a ultra heavy, groovy and punishing experience

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Tickets: https://stillbirthtickets.bigcartel.com/product/presale-ingested-helvete
Presale: 15 €
Doors: 20 €

Date: 20. November 2019
Doors open: 7 PM
First Band: 7:30 PM

Live at Helvete Pub – Club – Live Stage – Friedrich-Karl-Straße 63, 46045 Oberhausen

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