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Ahoying from the county of Nottinghamshire sails Red Rum; a band of cut-throat pirates, epic rum guzzlers and blood-thirsty warriors!
A mighty pirate themed battle band shaped by the majesty of classical music, the rowdiness of folk, and the might of metal!
The countless voyages of Red Rum have truly cemented their place in the folk metal world and beyond sharing the stage with the likes of Sodom, Skindred, Alestorm, and many more!
Their debut album BOOZE AND GLORY is a powerful step up from the acclaimed “With Gods By Our Side” EP, bringing in a wide range of musical influences and utilising the full extent of each
members mastery of their instrument, the power shining through and combining to complete a pronounced and full sound of epic pirate metal.
So look after your rum, spirits and ale, because Red Rum are in town!

Mourning Wood is a brand new folk metal band from the Netherlands and we are here for one thing only: Party! Danceable tunes, catchy lyrics and here and there some metal are the perfect foundation for a great night with unexpected turns, alcohol and bad decisions. Sounds like a bad idea? Sure, but that only means it can only get better!
Tonight we will raid Helvete in Oberhausen! Party machen!